Last week we went to the George and Dragon on Beacon St. After an outstanding pork pie washed down by a cheeky half, it was time to leave. On heading back towards the park, I noticed that the building on the corner of Beacon St and Gaia Lane was covered in graffiti albeit nothing of particular note, just patterns and the usual initials. However, I had a look in both directions and couldn’t see anything similar on the bricks of the adjoining buildings and so I’m curious.  Why this particular building? Is it due to its proximity to the pub, is it simply because it’s a corner where people would wait (for something or somebody…) or do you think there another reason?

The building on the corner of Gaia Lane/Beacon St opp. the George & Dragon


7 thoughts on “Cornercopia

  1. Kate,

    On the fifth photo facing Shaw Lane stood a property making a very narrow entrance from Gaia Lane. When it was demolished, I;ve no idea as I’ve only ever seen an image with it at angle.
    If you look at the cream painted part of the building on the right of your photo, you can get an idea of it’s height. Now was this on the shops Jackson spoke about in 45?


    • After talking about this I’ve been having a look as I’m even more intrigued now! Looks to me the building was demolished BtW 1923 & 1966 which doesn’t’ t help much but will keep looking as I’m sure there is a story here….


  2. No 22 was a general shop and still there postwar, well at least 1950 in the name of Grundy. Another one of these road-widening exercises i suspect.

    What is also fascinating is No 2 Gala Lane with its own door and entrance as distinct from No 20 Beacon St yet similar in style and structure. As I mentioned last week, the property at No 1/3 Tamworth Street and the old Goats Head(Barclays Bank) were similar


    • Thanks – I’ve been looking at newspaper reports from the mid-20thc – the corner of Beacon St/Gaia Lane was described as ‘the most dangerous corner in Lichfield’. I assume too many accidents here must have led the authorities to act and widen the road?


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