Lichfield Lore Library

Hyacinths and Haricot Beans: Friary School Memories 1892 – 1992 by Jean Bird

A History of Lichfield by Chris Upton

The Old Pubs of Lichfield by John Shaw

This Won’t Hurt: A History of the Hospitals of Lichfield by Mary Hutchinson, Anna Sadowski & Ingrid Croot

Coaching City by Howard Clayton

Cathedral City by Howard Clayton

Born in a Cathedral City by Cuthbert Brown

More Memories by Cuthbert Brown

Following On by Cuthbert Brown

The History and Antiquities of the Church & City of Lichfield by Thomas Harwood

History of the City and Cathedral of Lichfield by John Jackson

A History of the County of Stafford Vol 14: Lichfield edited by MW Greenslade

The Historic Gardens of England: Staffordshire by Timothy Mowl & Dianne Barre

St Michael’s Church Lichfield A Short History by Rev Carpenter MA 1947 (Revised JAC Baker 1982)

16 thoughts on “Lichfield Lore Library

  1. Someone wondering about Medieval statues on the cathedral? There are two ample ladies on the picture yes, and the easiest to see is over the main west door inside the porch : Christ the Saviour from 1200s probably. Others are on the N side of the NW tower high up. How do you get to join this Blog, or comment at the relevant place? AHev afew questions myself….


    • Thanks for your comment. I had no idea that the statue of Christ was one of the medieval ones. To answer your questions, I’m sorry, I hadn’t realised that joining or commenting was tricky, so I’ll look into this & see If there is a simpler way for both. Cheers, Kate


  2. does anyone have photos of Hiskins Garage st Johns Street,opposite the old Grammer school.There used to be an old style petrol pump outside,wondered if there is a good photo of it. cheers.


  3. I am currently involved in compiling a report regarding the history of Whittington Heath. I am looking for illustrative information to give a historic impression of the area. Pleas get in touch if you have anything interesting.


  4. I am a great great great granddaughter of Arthur Hinckley of Stowe Hill Lichfield. I am researching the family history. Does anyone out there have any info/photos that they are willing to share or maybe can point me in the direction of someone who can help.


    • Hi Terri
      I believe Arthur Hinckley was the nephew of Richard Hinckley who lived in Beacon Place (now demolished, and the grounds form Beacon Park). Arthur inherited Beacon Place from his Uncle but continued to live at Stowe Hill & sold it to SL Seckham in 1881. I’m sure there will be more on him at Lichfield Record Office too. Have you seen this relatively recent sales brochure for Stowe Hill? It’s an amazing house!


      • I have seen the brochure. I am very envious. It certainly is nothing like the places my ancestors lived in when they first came to Australia. It was all downhill once they reached these shores. Terri


    • Hi Terri,
      This will seem a little odd but I’ve come across your comment while googling Hinckley’s and thought you might be interested to hear about my current project. I’m a fashion history researcher working for Newstead House in Brisbane where they have some clothes that belonged to the Hinckley family, donated by another descendant of the Hinckley’s that came out to Aus. I am writing a catalogue for Newstead at the moment which will have a section on those clothes with pictures and some of the research into the family that I have done for provenance and context for these objects. Keep an eye out for it on the Newstead website in a couple of months if you are interested. Happy to be of any help that I can.


    • Hi Terri,
      This may seem a little odd but came across your comment while googling Hinckley’s and thought you might be interested in my project. I’m a fashion and social history researcher working with Newstead House in Brisbane, where they have a collection of some clothes that belonged to the Hickley’s in Lichfield and subsequently, donated by another descendant of the Hinckley’s who came out to Aus. I am currently working on a catalogue for the House which will include a section on these clothes, with pictures and some of the research i’ve done into the family for provenance, context etc. Keep an eye out for it on the Newstead website in the next couple of months if you are interested. Happy to help if I can.
      p.s. tried to post earlier but it might not have gone through so apologies if this is a double-up.


      • Many thanks for that. I will watch for developments. I am happy to provide you with information I have discovered with respect to the Hinckleys of Naracoorte and Lichfield. I have discovered a great deal of fascinating information related to Thomas Hinckley especially.

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  5. I’m currently researching Mgr. Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew CBE etc.He was a papal chamberlain to two popes amongst other things. He was also a novelist writing under the nom de plume John Ayscough and a couple of his novels are based on his early life with the names changed. He attended Lichfield Grammar School which he proudly calls ‘Johnson’s and Garrick’s school’ around 1870 and writes fondly about it. If you are able to give me any information I would be very glad to hear from you. I’ll gladly share my research with you.


  6. Hello Kate, I am wanting to buy a copy of Hyacinths and Haricot Beans for our neighbour and friend here in NZ who has just gone into a retirement home. She is a former Friary school pupil. Do you know where I can obtain a copy?


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