About Lichfield Lore

I’m the author of ‘The Little Book of Staffordshire’, published by The History Press in April 2017 and in the past have written an article on Lichfield and Staffordshire for The Observer (which you can read here) and local history articles for the Lichfield Gazette, the Chase Gazette and the Citylife magazines in Lichfield and Rugeley. I’m currently working on a local history book about Burntwood.

If you have stories to share or something you’d like me to explore further, or if you are interested in commissioning me or collaborating with me, please email kate@lichfieldlore.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you!

34 thoughts on “About Lichfield Lore

  1. Hi there

    You may remember chatting with me yesterday. Thought I would pop along and take a look at your website. I must say youre doing a fantasitc job. Keep up the good work Kate.


  2. Hi Kate, I’ve just found your website from Lichfield Live: well done, it’s a mine of information; the ‘hole in the wall’ on Shaw Lane is something to do with the fresh water supply laid on to the city from Pipe Hill by the Conduit Lands Trust, there is a rather more elaborate water outlet in the Cathedral Close.
    Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Mark. I started the blog as somewhere to record all of the things I read & discovered about Lichfield. I always hoped that people would find something of interest and that they would join in. Thnaks so much for your contribution and for solving the mystery of Shaw Lane!


  3. the Monks Walk is having not only it’s workday this Saturday, but we are starting out usual Wednesday evening gardening activities 5.00 to 7.00. Come along, just for a chat or hopefully pull up the odd weed or 2 or more!!


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  5. Hi,

    I have been reading some of your posts about Lichfield history. Really interesting insights into the local area. I moved to Lichfield in May 2011 and have been fascinated by the city and its history (and future) ever since. It’s good to find a resource which can further my knowledge and understanding. Thank you.



    • Thanks for your comments Andy. It’s good to hear from you. Please do get involved with the discussions if you know anything (or even if you don’t!) šŸ˜‰
      Best wishes,


  6. Hello.

    What a lovely website. I also moved to Lichfield fairly recently and love it for the history and stories that surround the place – as well as being beautiful and full of nice people!

    I particularly find the talk of the tunnels fascinating and have a torch ready to head out if ever the opportunity arises!

    Keep up the good work.



  7. Hello Steve! Thanks for the lovely comment. Glad you find it of interest! The tunnels are fascinating & I was amazed to hear that there might be more to them that just rumours – did you see the latest comment about Whitehall?



  8. Hello Kate It was nice to meet you and Paul last Tuesday. Also it was nice to know that the photographs we showed you were of interest. Since returning home I have done a bit more delving into what I have got in terms of information on old Lichfield, and have come up with further photographs of the whole company that formed the Lichfield home guard. I have also found a book on the Yeomanry Centenary and the visit of H.R.H.The Prince of Wales [later Edward VII] dated May 1894.Besides including many photographs of the visit it also has several adverts for local businesses.Some of them only show the street that the business was trading from whilst others have the numbers in the street. No one in those days had a telephone.If you would like to see these I will bring them down when we next meet.Thank you very much for your interest. John.


    • I really enjoyed meeting you both the other day. Thanks so much for showing me the photographs. Funnily enough I bumped into John, the chap I mentioned at the meeting, not far from where your Father’s shop was and I told him about the stables. John would be really interested in coming along to the next get together. The other things that you’ve found sound fascinating! I understand that when the Prince of Wales visited Lichfield he stayed at Elmhurst Hall which has been demolished, as has Yeomanry House sadly. Really looking forward to seeing you both again. Best wishes, Kate


  9. Hi Kate,
    I have been involved in various aspects of Lichfield past and present and may possibly have information that would interest you. I notice that Lorna Bushell is in touch you – we were in the Civic Society at the same time, and my wife is very active in the Monks Walk Garden. In my opinion it should be Friars Walk. The residents were Friars – named Gray Friars owing to the colour of their habits. I am trying to find out if the Walk had any access to St.John’s Hospital.
    Regards, Les.


    • Hello Les Thanks for the comment. I suppose with it having been a Friary that Friars Walk would be more suitable! I hafn’t really thought until recently about the difference between a monk & a friar. I understand that friars play a more active role on the community whereas monks lead a more solitary life. It’s a lovely place & actually I did visit St Johns recently & the walk does continue into the grounds. I have heard a couple of times that there are plans for an archaeological investigation into this section which would be fascinating. I’ve often wondered what the relationship between St Johns & The Friary was. You might also be interested to know we’ve set up a group about Lichfield Padt & Present. Our next meeting is this Wednesday (2nd) at 7pm in the Garrick Studio. You would be most welcome! Best wishes Kate


  10. Re Monks Walk
    I attended The Friary School in the mid thirties and that part of the school grounds at that time.
    Good wishes to all Lichfeldians, Colin


  11. Hello Kate
    When putting things back today after decorating a room I came across some music written by J W Jackson and this prompted me to see if he had a mention on Google and your site was the first I came across.

    I thought you may be interested to know that John Walters Jackson was my late husband’s grandfather. I did not know him as he died in the late ’40s but we have quite a number of newspaper articles that he wrote and a book entitled Lichfield – Historical Incidents. I know he was City Librarian and also a musician – and one piece he wrote for voices entitled “Softly Fall the Shades of Evening” is really lovely. I think he and his wife came to Newport probably at the beginning of WWII and his wife outlived him only by about 3 months.

    Kind regards

    Jean Jackson


    • Hello Jean Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’ve read the book and many of his newspaper articles but didn’t realise he composed music as well. I love his local history work, it captured so much that would otherwise have been forgotten.
      Kind regards, Kate


  12. Hi Kate, my name is Danny Parkinson and I am a resident of Tamworth with a huge interest in the long lost Tamworth tunnels and it’s history in general.

    I’ve heard of the rumours surrounding the tunnel(s) ever since I was a child and have recently started to do my own research on the matter. It’s only very early stages, and is only really hearsay and internet related articles at the moment. I was surprised and happy to come across your very recent post on the subject, which has spurred me on to dig deeper on the subject matter. I love the thought that we have this rich tapestry of history lying right under our feet and all it could take is a bit of perseverance to find out more.

    I’m not writing so much to ask for anything in particular, just more to let you know that your interest in this area isn’t alone and that if ever you wanted to discuss the subject further, or even come across a lead in the future, that I would be very happy to be involved with it somehow.

    Anyway take care and all the best, and who knows, maybe one day those tunnels will be re-opened and take place in the growth of tourism and historical understanding of our part of the country!

    Best regards


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  14. Hello Kate
    I enjoyed your recent Sandfields walk.
    Members might be interested in a walk we have planned around Wall village, highlighting the Roman remains. For details please ring Julie on 01543 418464


  15. Kate,
    Do you know of the fountain that used to be next to the Library, given by Thomas Rowley in the 1850s? It had a sculptured panel showing christ at the Well. i have seen a picture on satffspasttrack but wondered if anyone knew of what happened to it and when?


  16. Hi Kate, just discovered your blog. I am a Lichfeldian by birth, now living in the North East. I look forward to going through your archives. As a child my mum and grandad would enthral me with many ghostly tales from Lichfield.

    Also, my bra.d


    • Well, if you’ve any ghost stories to share would love to hear them! Don’t suppose she ever told you about Bessy Banks up near the Dimbles did she?


  17. Hello Kate – I am very interested in Lichfield, it’s a lovely place, and features strongly in my family history. Do I need to register to get into the site and is there any area of your site that I could access regarding family history in the town?

    Best of luck with the book and the website. Lynne


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  19. Hi,

    I like all the work and things you have documented here.

    I wanted to ask a question about something which has bugged me but i do not know how to go about finding out about it.

    My dad always goes on about two statues, one which is on the old library, the other in Sandon both WW1 in origin. Now he says they are or at least one of them was based upon his Granddad who worked for Bridgemans, Who also was a master carpenter that done work in the Cathedral. (he signed his work with a bee.

    Now for the more interesting part.

    I heard from a relative who lived the other side of the world through Ancestry/genes reunited and they said the exact same thing! So there must be a kernel of truth in the story.

    Where could i find out this information?


    • Hi Ben I’ve heard of this. There is a Bridgeman archive I believe but I’m not sure where it is at the moment. I know Lichfield Civic Society were trying to secure it. I’ll see what I can find!


  20. hi kate
    i am a volunteer for a website in taking photos of graves stones and recording their details so family historians can try and trace any relatives, any info anyone has would be of great help, keep up the good work


  21. Hello, I hope you can help. Iā€™m looking for some information on the former care home on Trent Valley Road. Does anybody know what was on the site before the current 3 dwellings or who it was built for?

    Many thanks šŸ™‚


  22. Hi Kate, this is the best blog I’ve found and the only one I’ve ever subscribed to. You have a great eye for interesting things and an even better to tell the tale. Thanks and keep up the good work!


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