Love Thy Neighbour

Today I’ve been to Slitting Mill, ironing out some of the details relating to the industry that once dominated this small village near Rugeley. Whilst I forge ahead with my research on that, here’s a quick bit of quirkiness to enjoy.

St John the Baptist, Slitting Mill

The village’s church, St John the Baptist, is semi-detached. Unusual perhaps, but far from unique as I discovered when I rashly pondered in public if it was the only semi-detached church in the country. Turns out its not even the only semi-detached church in Staffordshire. It’s been pointed out to me that there are in fact two to be found in a place called Lichfield. St John’s in ye olde city is of course attached to its almshouses, and the listed building description for Holy Cross on Upper St John St describes it as ‘Church of Holy Cross and attached Presbytery and School’. We’ll just blame my over-excitement about Christmas, ok?

St John’s Hospital, Lichfield. Taken from Wikipedia, photo by Nessy-Pic

Holy Cross church and ATTACHED Presbytery

In my defence, both of those are buildings related to the church. At St John’s in Slitting Mill however, the neighbouring property is a private residence. It wasn’t always though – in 1871, the church was built onto the village infant school which was later demolished (although a portion of it remains as part of the church) and a new house built on the site around the 1970s. I’m not sure why at this point, the two buildings were not put asunder?

It seems I’m beginning to amass enough material here to start a ‘semi-detached churches of Instagram’ account. Any further offerings?


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