Pictures of who?

A box of photographs arrived in the post. Discovered in a house clearance down south somewhere, they were sent to me on the basis that there appeared to be a Lichfield connection. The clue came from a photograph of the Friary School, that at a very rough guess appears to date to the mid-twentieth century.

Sifting through the photographs reminded me of the days spent as a little girl, looking through the mostly colourless snaps of my own family. They were kept in an old biscuit tin, and the faint smell of its original contents would waft out each time the lid was removed. ‘Who is that?’ I’d ask, and my Grandad would tell me the stories of the people in the tin, as I sipped tea made with sterilised milk.

I’ve joked before that every old family photo album includes a picture of men sat in deckchairs in their suits, a young man in uniform, a matronly lady holding on to her skirt on the promenade of some windswept seaside town and people standing proudly by a new car that’d now be displayed at classic vehicle shows. However, looking through this box, the poses might be familiar but the faces are not. This is not my family, and so I’d really like to find it a proper home.

We have a possible connection the to Friary School and Lichfield District Council. The two photographs of the building have ‘Frosts Shop, Wednesfield, August 15th 1954’ written on the back, and our final piece of evidence is an ID card for ME Price who worked for Staffordshire Police.  If anyone can help with my enquiries, please do get in touch.





4 thoughts on “Pictures of who?

  1. Hi Kate well the pictures the one that is interesting is the Lichfield City council middle row on the right is Derick Reginald Hopkins mayor in 1986 the next picture is Derick & Trudie Hopkins on the see front in Torquay the next is Derick & Gertrude Hopkins ne price getting married out side Cannock Methodist church in 1952 trude had a sister Margery e price who worked as a clerical assistant at staffs police at Cannock then might have come over to lichfield they then all retired to Torquay in 1990s and Derick passed away about seven eight years ago hope this helps



  2. I recognize 2 people in the council photo. Front row 2nd from left….Mr. Bazeley. He was a councillor and that year must have been Sheriff (?). His sons Paul and Mark still live in the Lichfield area.
    Top row 2nd from left….Councillor Stan Smith. In the 1960’s and 70’s, he ran the sub Post Office on St. John Street… a private residence.


  3. Looking at the picture of girls from the Friary, I can only say that they date from before Miss Gent became headmistress; I think that must be Miss Hodge in the centre of the picture, seated with a member of staff on her right and the Head Girl to her left, but I don’t recognise any other face at all.
    I went to the Friary in 1963, so you would think there might be some staff overlap, but I can’t see it. I think Miss Gent became headmistress in the late 1940s; she was certainly there by 1950. She changed the uniform, from navy blue gymslips to grey, button-through tunics, for example, which again dates this picture.
    I would think it must also date from before the 1944 Education Act took effect, and changed the school from being a private girls’ high school to a state grammar. It might be during the Second World War, but I would guess that it’s probably soon after. No later than 1950, though!
    Have you tried asking the Lichfield Mercury to feature it, assuming it’s still going?

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