There was a Cruck-ed House

Of all of the buildings open to the public during the 2014 Lichfield Heritage Weekend, Cruck House is perhaps the one that best fits this year’s theme of ‘Hidden Histories’. I understand that this timber framed building, dating back to the fifteenth century, was restored in the 1970s, after it was discovered during the redevelopment of Stowe Street. Now surrounded by a modern housing estate, Cruck House is used by a variety of community groups, including Friends 2 Friends (F2F), an organisation which supports adults with learning difficulties. The F2F have a history group, and one of their projects has been to research the building’s past.

Cruck House, Stowe Street, Lichfield

Cruck House, Stowe Street, Lichfield

Cruck House is open again tomorrow between 11am and 3pm, so go along and have a cup of tea, and find out what F2F have discovered so far. They’re doing a great job, but this is somewhere that doesn’t give up its secrets easily and, with five hundred years worth of history to explore here, they are always looking for any help with their research. If you know anything about the hidden history of Cruck House, please get in touch!

Discussing the history of Cruck House with the Friends to Friends group

Discussing the history of Cruck House with the Friends to Friends group

Timber beams in Cruck House

Some of the original timber beams in Cruck House

For more information on the Friends2Friends group, contact Alison on 07800 576 645 or by emailing

2 thoughts on “There was a Cruck-ed House

  1. My Dad the late JOHN SHAW was doing a project on Stowe street when he died, and the project was passed on I believe to members of the local historical group to complete..I will try to find out who!. it is not the only house of interest in the street walk from the George Lane end and you will see several intesting houses.
    The area was on the edge of the Mogs, and one of the new cul de sacs was called the tanyard, after the industry that took place here. It would seem with Johnsons parchemnet ‘factory’ on oneside, duck shooting and fishing in the middle and a tanyard (a smelly place I should think) it seems to have been a busy place. It was also outside the City boundry / wall with a gate at the bottom of George Lane. I will look through dads books etc, as I remember the later renovations around the time of Mr Wilson the mayor in the 70’s?


    • Thanks David. It would b really useful to have any information. In December, two of us from the Lichfield Discovered group are going to meet with the Friends to Friends History group to make a video about the history of the house and to have a look at the structure of the building. I must go to the RO and look it up properly too.


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