Hollow Earth

One of the most popular posts on the blog has been The Lichfield Underground. It seems people are fascinated by the unseen part of the city, the potential of what could be beneath their feet as they walk the streets.

Captivating, yet slightly scary….

It was this fascination with tales of the underground that started the chain of events culminating in the formation of Museufy, a group made up of myself and my friends Mark and Magdalena – two creative, innovative people that it’s a joy to collaborate with.  The aim of the group is to create alternative ways of collectively exploring history and interacting with our surroundings. We have a website where you can read our manifesto and find out about some of the projects we are working on.

One of these is ‘Hollow Earth Mapping’, a project in which we want to create a way to document underground spaces, mixing together reality and rumours.  We’re asking anyone who already contributed to The Lichfield Underground post via the comments section, or anyone else who has a story, to share them on our flickr page.  It will be a chance to look at  familiar surroundings through the fascinating, captivating and slightly scary world of the underground.

As the stories are shared, the underground spaces will be cut out, creating a hollow space on the map.   The flickr group will be a place for discussion about the stories, and the possibilities that might follow the creation of the map…..

6 thoughts on “Hollow Earth

  1. Hi Kate, My Uncle who was a builder told me that when he was working at Stowe
    house there was stories of a tunnel from the celler to Stowe hill house ,He was never
    able to find out as his work was on the roof and rainwater pipes outside.


    • Hiya! I think it’s great how we all have these stories! Stowe House is the one right by St Chads isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve heard this one before – where did the tunnel run to? Would you add it to the flickr page, or if not due you mind if I add it on there? Thanks!


      • The tunnel was supposed to run from Stowe house to Stowe hill
        house ,I think both houses were built by the same family.


      • Sorry I didn’t read it properly! Well, not only does it have the potential tunnel, there is also apparently a folly in the garden made from medieval stonework. In fact, the sales guide says the following “Tucked away is an enchanting folly with an ecclesiastical archway, inset gargoyles and carved sandstone thought to have been brought from the remnants of the cathedral when it was destroyed by Cromwell’s soldiers”. There’s more in the County History too http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=42344&strquery=stowe Thamks Pat, sounds like a fascinating place all round 🙂


  2. I don’t know if this helps, but the tunnels I have heard of are (Whether true or not I don’t know)-

    1. Tunnel from Maple Hayes to the Cathedral.
    2. Tunnel from Dr Millies Hospital on Beacon Street to the Cathedral.
    3. Tunnel from the Friary to the Cathedral.

    There was (Don’t know if it is still there) a Tudor style building on Sandford Street (near to the junction of Bird Street) near to the Horse and Jockey Pub. Apparently, there is a collapsed part of a tunnel underneath this area which was damaged during the English Civil War.

    Again without any evidence these could just be rumours I don’t know. If you ever found out the truth you would enlighten me and others and prove or disprove the tunnel situation once and for all. Thank you for following this up Kate, you are a star.


    • It certainly does help thank you? Would you be able to add these to the flickr group and then we will plot them on our maps? Eventually we’re hoping the map will show all sorts of underground spaces, real and rumoured, together with the stories. Hopefully this will spark people’s interest and could act as a springboard into doing further research. There are examples of projects in other places – Exeter, Nottingham, Liverpool where there has been quite a bit of exploration regarding underground spaces.


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