Into the woods….

I was lured into the woods by the promise of wood anemones…..then along the path past the old Leomansley mill pools….and finally onto the edge of Pipe Green common.




4 thoughts on “Into the woods….

    • I’ve just seen them referred to as a ‘woodland ghost’ as their presence may indicate a former woodland! It would be great to find out if it was at some point! I really am a beginner at this lark but I find it fascinating. There are other indicators too – bluebells, wood sorrel & wild garlic amongst others.


  1. Kate,
    You are doing alright with your photographs it does not matter too much if
    you get the names right that will come in time,As for plants been indicators
    it is another case of plants out of context bluebells crop up in peoples
    gardens because someone in the area collected blulbs from woodlands
    planted them in their garden now gardens close by have self set bluebells.
    What ever you do enjoy it and carry on doing it .


    • Hi Pat. I do like to find things out though you know what I’m like! It is probable that someone just decided to put these plants in their garden because they look pretty. With the woods though, I’ve seen them recorded as ancient replanted woodland and I think the more indicator species there are the more likely this is. Also the name Leomansley apparently means something like ‘clearing in an elm wood’.
      Cheers, Kate


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