Social History

This Tuesday (2nd June) at 7.30pm in the Duke of York, Lichfield Discovered is holding the first of its new monthly meet-ups. The idea is that people can come along to the pub on the first Tuesday of every month and get involved in planning our events, share ideas and, of course, discuss any interesting snippets of history they’ve come across, or would like to know more about, over a drink. We know people have busy lives and lots of other commitments and so it’s important to stress that there is no obligation to come every month, just as and when you’re able to (or want to!). We’d rather see people once in a blue moon than not at all. Lichfield discovered Alongside these monthly meet-ups we will of course continue to do walks, talks and other events. If you don’t want your involvement with Lichfield Discovered to be anything more than coming along and joining us for these, then that’s great, and we shall welcome you with open arms and custard creams, and ask nothing more of you.

If, however, you’ve got ideas about what we could or should be doing, or where we should be going, or if you’ve got any skills or knowledge that you think we could make use of, then please do come along and join us at the pub.  Even if it’s just to register a preference for chocolate hobnobs over custard creams.

Whilst on the subject of Lichfield Discovered, I’d also like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the Trustees and residents of Dr Milley’s Hospital on Beacon Street for making us so welcome on our visit this weekend. It was fantastic to see inside one of Lichfield’s oldest and most distinctive buildings and learn not only about its past, but also about the great work that this small charity is doing in the city in the present. If you missed out, then I understand Dr Milley’s will be opening for the heritage weekend in September. Along with our good friends at the Lichfield Waterworks Trust, we also have plans for that weekend, but more on that another time….

As ever, apart from at the pub, the best places to find Lichfield Discovered are on Facebook and on Twitter (@lichdiscovered).

2 thoughts on “Social History

  1. I read in the recent local CAMRA magazine that there are plans underway to reopen the Bridge Tavern in Upper St John Street. Great news if true!


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