Blue Alert

The bluebells are starting to appear in Leomansley and Sloppy Woods! Access to the woods is via an entrance on Christchurch Lane or you can get there by walking across Pipe Green. There’s a map here on their website which should help you find it if you’ve never been before (and if not, you’ve been missing out!)

In folklore they are known as fairy flowers and despite their beauty, their associations are somewhat sinister and include death (if you hear the bells ringing) and stealing children (the fairies use them as traps). However, there is safety in numbers and a group of us are meeting up at the Christchurch Lane entrance at 6pm on Friday 1st May for a wander. If anyone wants to join us, you would be very welcome (from our point of view, can’t speak for the fairies).

Bluer by the day

Bluer by the day

1 thought on “Blue Alert

  1. As I child in the late 40’s we went into the bluebell wood as we knew it. Also gathered water cress. One time we saw a lady with a red cape and a German shepherd dog. Our mother told us it was little riding good;-)


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