Hot Fuzz

My interest in cars has always been limited but I do appreciate a good looking classic motor and so I walked through Beacon Park to have a look at some of the examples on display. As I ambled along, daydreaming about which of these vehicles from the past I’d buy if I could ever afford to in the future, one in particular caught my eye.

This is a Morris Six M.S. from 1953. I only know that because it was written on a card in the window along with a short explanation of the car’s history. Apparently it belonged to the Chief Constable of Staffordshire, one of only eleven such models converted to police cars, and now the only one left, rescued from a garage where it had spent twenty eight years. I thought it was interesting – the history of a vehicle is something I’ve never really considered before.

The sun had brought people out in droves and it was great to see the city so busy. As I walked past Minster Pool, resisting the urge to take yet another photo of the spires against the blue sky, the water appeared so green that I peered in to the depths. It soon became apparent that people weren’t the only creatures drawn out by the heat. I knew that there were fish in Minster Pool – I think angling was allowed there some years ago, and believe that hundreds of years ago it was once part of the Vivarium Episcopi, supplying the Bishop with fresh fish  – yet I don’t think I’d ever actually seen one in there. Today, they’d all come to the surface, creating ripples and lots of interest amongst the children on the banks (and me). However, I know as much about fish as I do about cars….

11 thoughts on “Hot Fuzz

  1. The car is beautiful made more so by the sunshine ,The fish are carp which
    indeed were kept in the pool as a food supply ,Some of them could be 30 years
    old as they do live to a great age ,With people feeding the ducks and swans
    they have a food source,I somehow don’t think Kate you having a car like
    that would be ‘For the greater good’.


    • Well now I know more about fish than I do about cars! Also, once we found ourselves in Wells. We’re not normally film geeks but we did do our own little Hot Fuzz tour! By the way, do you want anything from the shop?


  2. The fish looks like a Carp, you can see the barbel near the mouth. Have passed a few carp pools that were attached to former Monasteries, but never thought of the history behind them!


      • It’s almost worth opening a chip shop in Lichfield just to call it that 🙂 Why has no one else thought of it?!


      • Pete, I can’t believe it! The chap who does the Lichwheeld blog just sent me a photo – there is actually a chip shop opening on Bird St by the Friary. It’s actually called Ernie & Isabella’s but we think The Fryery would be loads better 🙂


  3. Wow, I’d never heard of that series. My first experience of police on the telly is a vague memory of Juliet Bravo – took me years to realise there wasn’t actually anyone called Juliet Bravo in it! Funny how memories work isn’t it?


  4. Hello everyone =) .. I was working in Wells when the filming of HF was a doing!! lol .. our digs were opp the pub featured in the film (next to the Cornish pasty shop) Simon & Nick were in all the pubs most nights and I have their autographs on a magazine somewhere! I love all of their flicks especially Paul and SOTD =) .. cheers KG


  5. Yarp, I’m a fan too! There aren’t many films I can quote from, but I can from those! There’s a new one out shortly isn’t there – the third in the very loose trilogy?


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