Lichfield Law

Lichfield’s old gaol is open to the public once more, allowing us to see how ‘justice’ was administered in the past, and read about some of those on the receiving end of it.

I took a few photos but to get a true feel of the place you really need to visit these ‘…cells, whose echoes only learn to groan’, as Erasmus Darwin put it. 

This is a thought provoking part of Lichfield, tucked away at the back of the Guildhall.

The cells open every Saturday until the end of September from 10am to 4pm. To find out more call 01543 264972 or email  There’s no admission charge (although you are likely to hear at least one person quipping about having to pay to get out).


6 thoughts on “Lichfield Law

  1. It’s not much of a refurb though, and not much of a changed display. Takes all of 5 minutes to see. Shame, could’ve been really special.


    • Thanks Ian. I have heard positive comments about the place and I’m pleased it’s reopened. However, I’m interested to hear your thoughts as to where improvements could have been made (not in a ‘OK cleverclogs what would you have done’? way but because I’m really interested in what you would want to see & find out about in a place like this way!).


  2. When they first restored Walsall Guildhall and opened it as a two storey shopping mall
    I was working there and my office was the holding cell from when they held court
    sessions ,It was about eight feet by five feet and when in use would have up to three
    people in it ,Not built for comfort.


    • Is that the place where Sofia’s is? I didn’t know they had a cell in there. As you say not built for comfort. I don’t know what would be worse – solitary confinement or sharing a tiny space with two other people.


  3. Yes Kate it is ,Believe me you would not wish to share some things are best kept
    to oneself like B.O. not everyone is a fragrant little flower !. The room is possibly
    used to keep the mop in now, Happy days.


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