Can I borrow £18k please?

Ian, who often makes a great contribution to this blog via the comments section,  has spotted something intriguing on ebay.

For £18,000 you can buy a statue of a prophet, said to originally be from Lichfield Cathedral.

The statue's orginal home?

Get your bid in here!

So of course, I want to know the story of the statue and my initial thoughts & questions are:

It was discovered 3 miles from Lichfield – I wonder where?

Who took it there and why?

I’m a bit confused by ‘dates to 1650’. Do they mean the statue was sculpted at this time, or comes from the Cathedral of this time?

Are there any other parts of the ‘old’ Cathedral anywhere else? For example, we know that most of the damaged statues on the West Front were taken down in 1744/1749.(1) What happened to them all?

Can anyone lend me £18,000 as I think this would look great in my garden?

Huge thanks to Ian for this great spot and it would be great to hear any theories anyone has about this prophet.



(1)  ‘Lichfield: The cathedral’, A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 14: Lichfield (1990), pp. 47-57. URL:  Date accessed: 03 November 2011.


4 thoughts on “Can I borrow £18k please?

  1. That statue looks very much like a yorkshire Bishop with the rose pendant and the
    bible under his arm nothing like any of the figures on the Catherdral from that date
    his face looks like King Charles.

    Regards Pat.


    • That’s interesting – you definitely know more than me about this subject! You’re right he does remind me of King Charles.
      By the way, am working on the PM post. Booked in LRO on Monday to have a look at the Mercury archive to read more about the opening ceremony of Alexandra House etc.


      • Hi Kate,
        What I think is great is that they have those wonderful pictures
        of Police men and woman hanging in the boardroom from years
        ago ,With talk of downsizing the Police force it is good to see a
        side of their work that is a plus.

        Regards Pat.


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