I Love Archives!

I just want to enthuse about archives for a moment. For example, the documents I looked at regarding Elford also included a huge amount of information on how the City of Birmingham prepared for WW2, how they coped during the war and also their VE day celebration plans. Alongside this momentous stuff, there are also incredibly human documents for example, letters documenting an argument between two members of the council, after one was sat next to someone he didn’t like at a dinner! Archives and Record Offices, whether in Birmingham or Lichfield or wherever hold such wide range of important and fascinating information. I’m also pleased to say that in my experience, I have received nothing but incredibly helpful and knowledgeable assistance when using these services. Please use them too, whether it’s family or local history you’re interested in. And then let me know what you found out because I’m nosey 😉

My got-a-cough-&-cold archives survival kit.On my way to Birmingham, I'd eaten half the soothers by Shenstone

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