Festival of History

I’ve been at Kelmarsh Hall, Northants, today for the English Heritage Festival of History. I know it’s not about Lichfield, but I thought I’d share a few photos anyway….

Ermine Street Guard

The Roman Tortoise

Gladiators Ready!

Battle of Bosworth Archers


King Richard III


Oliver's Army

Deeds not Words


First World War Trench


Inside the WWI Trench

Dig for Victory!

The Pub

Highgate Brewery Walsall!

Ausweis Ausstellen!

Army Bikes

Medical Truck

The Black Bear

2 thoughts on “Festival of History

    • I know! My problem would be I’d find it difficult to choose which period I’d like to reenact! I can see myself in the Women’s Land Army. Or maybe a tudor… 😉


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