Lichfield Cathedral and the Chimney Sweep

Most of the medieval figures on the Western Front of Lichfield Cathedral, damaged during the Civil War, were removed in 1744.  However, a few were removed a later date (possibly 1749) by a young chimney sweep at the request of the Dean who was afraid that one of them might fall on his head on his way into or out off the Cathedral!


WR Ingram, on sculpture of St Stephen
Most of the figures seen today are Victorian replacements, sculpted by Robert Bridgeman & Sons, GWSeale, WR Ingram . HRH Princess Louise sculpted the statue of her mother, Queen Victoria.  There are five remaining original medieval sculptures on the north west tower.  Originally the medieval statues would have been painted and gilded.

Public sculpture of Staffordshire and the Black Country by George Thomas Noszlopy, Fiona Waterhouse
TheCatherals of England MJ Taber

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