Lost in the Woods

Whenever I see an object out of place it intrigues me.  I’m not talking litter here, I mean the things that are dropped by accident, things that are left behind. Lost property. Things that might (or might not!) interest future archaeologists if they were to discover them in a couple of centuries time.  I want to know the story behind them, who they belonged to & how they ended up lost, but I realise that I might be on my own with this one! 

I’ve put together a gallery of things found on the path past Leomansley Wood to Pipe Green and on the Green itself.

Lost by a horse, found by a friend. Brownhills Bob told me that it's not that old. Still lucky though!



Dropped by someone in need of a lucky horseshoe? Or on the way home from the fair?

Lost whilst blackberrying?


Dropped after an impromptu paddle in the brook?


See above!


In the rough. Not sure Leomansley Wood makes a great fairway.

Or a great rugby pitch either.

I guess the robber escaped from the cop.


The remnants of an overenthusiastic dog's toy?

I would ask people to send me photographs of things they’ve found, but I appreciate that I might be the only person in Lichfield who goes around taking photographs of old socks!





9 thoughts on “Lost in the Woods

    • I wonder what happens to them? Do they eventually disintegrate? Actually they must do because when they find skeletons, there are usually only fragments of cloth left. Sorry, thinking aloundI’ve gone from socks to skeletons!


  1. Kate,The epi-centre for strange things donated to the environment
    has to be Beacon street ,The folks who live there get gifts whether
    they want them or not,Keep looking you may find a crock of gold.


    • I know! A variety of food & drink offerings. I like the stories of objects. Even with the biggest crock of gold, thew hoard, its the story behind that’s intriguing….


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      • Naw Marks & Spencer,
        Yes Kate It was based on a verse by Dear old Spike ,
        You do a great job rooting about finding things most people
        would not give a second glance to then weaving a story
        around them ,We need more this is enriching so many
        people’s lives.


      • Oh that’s the third lovely thing someone’s said about the blog in 24hrs. I’ll be sobbing all over my key board! But thank you it’s very much appreciated!


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