Eilidh Armour-Brown

Leomansley House was once the home of the artist Eilidh Armour-Brown. She was chairman, treasurer and vice president of Lichfield Society of Artists and a founder member of Lichfield Arts Centre. Fans of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ will be interested to know that she was the great niece of Dr Thomas Barnardo. Eilidh and her husband Peter bought the house in the 1950s when it was three old mill cottages. Eilidh died in 1994 and there is a stone seat in the corner of Pipe Green Meadow, which reads ‘Peter Eilidh who loved this place’. I like to sit there and try and spot the deer at Maple Hayes through the fence. I love it too.


Some of Eilidh’s work can be found at http://www.search.staffspasttrack.org.uk

An interesting tidbit of info is that whilst renovations were taking place in 1956 an 11th century spear head was discovered by Master Derek Fearn.

Lichfield in Old Photographs by Howard Clayton & Kathleen Simmons

Lichfield Record Office

6 thoughts on “Eilidh Armour-Brown

  1. I, my Father and my Grand Father knew Armour Brown as we affectionately knew her. An incredibly good artist and in my opinion under estimated for her talents. I still say this area known as Pipe Green is the most beautiful part of England and has been adored by all who know this area for many many years. Of course you may have heard the story of the sunken horse drawn cart from the English Civil War era!


  2. I have seen some of her work on Staffs Pastrack. Pipe Green is a wonderful place. Someone did tell me that the area with the moated site by Abnalls lane was used by soldiers in the civil war but I don’t know about the sunken cart! That’s why it’s great to hear from people who have lived in the area a lot longer than I have. You can’t find out everything from books, sometimes, there’s no substitute for loacal knowledge!


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  4. She was my father’s god mother and I have very special memories both of the house and of eilidh. She was an exceptional woman and I’m very proud to have known her 🙂


    • Would love to hear more about Eilidh and the house. Finding out the story of the burnt out shell was one of the things that started all of this off! Thank you for stopping by.


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